Keto Diet 21 Day Fix Meal Plan For Weight Loss

Ok, its finally posted! I jumped into my 21 Day Fix this past Wednesday and have also had a crazy busy week so just now getting to post my meal plan. So I have included what I ate Wednesday through Friday and what I plan to eat Saturday – Tuesday so you have a full week.

Even with a busy schedule, this plan has been doable. You do have to plan out your meals for the day as you only get so many servings from each color container so you have to make sure if you want hummus with your veggies you don’t also have almonds later or put avocado on your salad. But I think the program has a lot of flexibility and I need to figure out when I will substitute in a treat! Its definitely been eye-opening how much I was snacking – grabbing a handful of this or that kid snack or finishing food on the kids plate. There’s something about the visual of filling the containers and planning what you will have when that helps you stay accountable and say no to cheats or junk. And it is just 21 days so I figure I have to give it all I’ve got and see what I can do.

I will say the first 3 days have been a learning experience to see how best to space out my meals and containers throughout the day and have my body get used to no coffee, no extra sugar/carb snacks or treats…definitely felt like a detox of sorts. I also waited too long to eat Wednesday night and felt dizzy so I added a brown rice cake with a bit of jelly to my dinner and adjusted my plan for Day 2. The workouts have been fun and definitely challenging. But they are fairly simple and anyone can make them work.

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